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08/Dec/11/Thu Today's English ( 즉, i.e. , that is )

Good morning all,


It is cloudless and clean sky and bright sunshine this

morning and it is warm this morning with the morning lows

of 10 degrees and daytime highs of 20 degrees.

Here is today's english!


Seq# 39 (unit 213)


The thesis covered all phases of the glories and

triumphs of civilization and omitted a less prominent

factor, i.e. the psychology of the masses.

( 문명의 영광과 승리! )


그 논문은 문명의 영화와 성취의 모든면을 다루고 있고,

좀 덜 두드러진 요소, 즉, 대중의 심리는 다루지않고 있다.


Words,Phrases & Patterns

> thesis ; 논문, 학술논문

> glory ; 영광, 영화, 번영
> triumph ; 남달리 성취한 성공, 공적

> civilization ; 문명

> omit ; (일부러) 생략하다, 빠뜨리다

> prominent ; 눈에띄는, 현저한

> psychology ; 심리, 심리학

> the masses ; 대중, 서민

여기서 i.e. 는 즉, 말하자면 란뜻으로 명사와 명사 사이에서 즉,

말하자면 이라는 동격 나타내고, 라틴어로  " id est " 입니다.

that is, that is to say같은 뜻이고, i.e. 는 학술적, 전문적인

문장에서 쓰이고, 일반적으로는 " that is " 를 씁니다. 


i.e. ; 학술적, 전문적인 문장에서 씀

that is ; 일반적으로 씀



즉, 말하자면 이라고 표현하고 싶을때는,

i.e. = that is ( to say ) 를 써 보세요.



(a) inflation, that is, a general rise in the prices of goods and services.

(b) He will leave Korea in five days, that is (to say), next Saturday.

(c) The basic essentials of life, i.e. housing, food and water.

(d) He is a local government administrator, that is, a civil servant.


Have a great day today!!!


Patriotism is your conviction that this country is

superior to all other countries because you were

born in it.

-- In the Chapter 11 of ALL-IN-ONE  --


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